About BSC

In early 2014, the Yemeni Business Club (YBC) and Spark organization, together with the United Nations Development Program (UNDP), began considering an initiative to launch a center that would provide and contribute to the expansion and growth of the entrepreneurship sector in Yemen. The Business Support Center in Yemen (BSC Yemen) supports young people, who often face challenges during the start-up and growth stages, by providing them with innovative solutions and enabling them to develop their businesses.


BSC approach is highly relevant to the social and economic situation in Yemen with regards to the challenges facing youth, as well as acknowledging youth, men and women, as vital economic actors in the country’s overall development and stability. We are giving solutions for Start-ups and entrepreneurs in the beginning stages of their companies to face challenges like lack of capacity and knowledge of doing business (management, sales, and finance), difficulties with access to (startup) finance, lack of professional networking, innovation, and market knowledge.


Our Services

BSC is offering business skills training and workshops, business planning, business competitions, supporting access to finance, coaching and mentoring entrepreneurs. We are seeking to give solutions to help growing businesses during post-conflict societies. For example, poor general management skills, lack of business development skills, lack of technology, and capacity of investments. These and other challenges hinder them greatly in realizing their full potential, attract investment and grow, diminishing their capacity to hire and retain employees.


Our Vision

Becoming a driving force by providing an innovative leadership model to the Yemeni business community in terms of supporting entrepreneurship.

Our Mission

Contributing to the development of the economy and encouraging small business and entrepreneurship by supporting the creation of new opportunities for entrepreneurs and the sustainability of existing businesses.

Our Objectives

1. Facilitate the creation and development of small-sized businesses in Yemen to reduce the unemployment rate.
2. Contribute to providing better access to funding sources for startups.
3. Strengthening institutional support for small enterprises, and highlighting youth, women, and disadvantaged groups potential.
4. Supporting better development of the professional and educational system to accommodate labor market needs.
5. Impact on reducing barriers that are facing the entrepreneurs.